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Unique Geometric Jewelry

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  • Handmade Wooden Jewelry - By Madera Design Studio

    All of our unique jewelry is made by hand.

  • Local Small Wooden Jewelry Business - Madera Design Studio

    Madera is a super small independent business.

  • Wooden Jewelry locally made in Philadelphia - Madera Design Studio

    All of our unique jewelry is made in Philadelphia.

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unique jewelry handcrafted by Stacey Shevlin - pictured here

Ordinary is not your thing, It's not mine either...

Hi. I'm Stacey - Thanks so much for stopping by to check out Madera Design Studio. I incorporate recycled and found wood when I can in my designs. All of the unique jewelry you see on the site is designed by me or in collaboration with other artists. Like you - I think it's so important to support small businesses, both in my neighborhood and online.

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"Stacey, the shop owner was very kind and understanding, she even offered me a super-secure shipping that made my earnings arrive sooner than expected. Earrings are so cute and well made, love it 1000%!" - Dani

Unique Jewelry giving back to the earth donations to one tree planted

Make a Purchase, Help Plant a Tree

I'm not just about crafting beautiful unique jewelry; I'm also on a mission to create a positive impact on our planet. With every purchase you make, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to One Tree Planted, an organization dedicated to reforestation efforts. Read more about the organization below.

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