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Mixed Metal Jewelry - Layer your Necklaces

Layer your necklaces

Ladies, layer your necklaces.  Express your individuality and create a completely unique style. At Madera Design Studio, we’re totally into combining materials and mixing metals to craft stunning looks. In this post, I will explore a few ways of layering wood necklaces with silver and gold tone necklaces, offering you valuable tips and inspiration to mix it up.

Embrace the Contrasts of Wood and Mixed Metal Jewelry

When it comes to layering wood and metal necklaces, the key is to create a balance between the contrasting materials. Wood exudes warmth, earthiness, and a touch of bohemian charm, while silver or gold tones bring a sleek, contemporary edge. By combining these elements, you can achieve a captivating fusion that highlights the unique qualities of each material.

Consider Chain Lengths and Proportions

Layered Necklace Chain Lengths

Layering necklaces successfully relies on finding the perfect balance in lengths and proportions. Start by selecting a chunky but simple gold or silver necklace as your foundation piece. Opt for a shorter length that rests just above your collarbone. Then, add a longer necklace to create dimension and visual interest. Experiment with different lengths to find the ideal combination that complements your neckline and aesthetic.


Play with Pendant Shapes and Sizes

Incorporating pendants into your layered necklace look adds an extra layer of interest. Choose a wood pendant with a unique shape or an eye-catching silver charm that complements the natural beauty of wood. Mixing different sizes and textures will enhance the overall visual appeal of your ensemble, creating a captivating focal point.


Experiment with Color Palettes

Earthy color pallette by Madera Design Studio

Wood, silver and gold are all versatile materials that can beautifully complement a wide range of color palettes. Earthy tones, such as warm browns, deep mahoganies, or pale beiges, contrast with silver's cool metallic hue, while pairing wood with gold deepens and grounds the look . Let your imagination guide you as you curate a color scheme and mixed metals that resonate with your personal style.


Find Your Signature Necklace Style

Ultimately, the art of layering wood and silver or gold tone necklaces lies in discovering your signature style. Experiment, mix, and match different pieces to create a look that is uniquely yours. Whether you prefer a subtle and delicate combination or an eye-catching statement, let your creativity shine through as you mix metals in your layered look -- and trust your instincts. 


Let Your Jewelry Help Tell Your Style Story

An open book representing ones own personal story.

One of the most interesting aspects of layering necklaces is the opportunity to showcase your personal story. Consider adding a pendant or charm that holds sentimental value—a symbol of a memory or a meaningful representation of your passions. Let your necklaces become a canvas for self-expression, allowing them to showcase your unique narrative.

As you set out to layer wood and metal necklaces, remember that the magic lies in the exploration and discovery of your personal style. Madera Design Studio embraces the fusion of nature's beauty and contemporary design, offering you unique wood necklaces that seamlessly blend with your silver or gold pieces.

With the right balance, lengths, pendants, and colors, you can create a stunning mixed metal layered necklace look that reflects your individuality and leaves a lasting impression. Embrace the art of layering, celebrate your unique style, and let your jewelry tell your story. 

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